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recommends AMSOIL

CV Performance recommends AMSOIL


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Dealer Information

CV Performance offers competitive dealer pricing to qualified motorcycle shops and resellers of all sizes. Authorized dealers and distributors – please login with your Dealer Login to view your exclusive pricing and to place orders.

To become an authorized dealer we encourage you to start by registering your online account. After creating an account please complete our Dealer Application and provide the information requested. Include the email address used for your account to help us complete your setup. Your email will act as your dealer identification and login once approved. You may also complete our online form to request the form and additional dealer information be sent to you.  

Dealer requests will be reviewed and you will be notified by email when you are able to login to the dealer website directly, or if additional information is required. We do not set up dealer accounts by phone and require the forms be completed for all dealers. Dealer terms may be found at: cv-performance.com/dealer-terms 

You may also fax in your business information including a copy of your state/local business license, Federal Tax ID (EIN), Resale Certificate (California)*, and contact information. Please print our dealer application and fax along with the requested documents.

CVP Dealer Application

Note: Dealers must be a licensed commercial business in the motorcycle industry and provide our products direct to retail customers in your area. Home or garage based businesses, or online auction sellers are not eligible.

*California based businesses must also provide a copy of their Resale Certificate and submit form BOE-230.

Dealer ordering is available through our online store. For security we do not store or save credit card information and do not accept payment information by phone.

For additional information please contact CV Performance.

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