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Harley Carburetor Float Setting


The float level on a Harley CV carburetor is adjusted by gently bending the metal tab that extends from the float and presses on the float needle plunger. While measuring the float position (below) is the most accurate method, it is also possible to "eye-ball" the setting by making sure the line on the side of the float is exactly parallel to the bottom edge of the carburetor body when tilted as in diagram B. cvp-float-level.jpg

Should fuel continue to flow or flood the carburetor after adjustment, replacement of the float needle valve is required. Please refer to your factory service manual for instructions on removal and installation of your Harley carburetor.

Replacement Float Valve
Harley float valve

    3-Sided Float Valve                4-Sided Float Valve

float valves - 3 sided and 4 sided

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