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Carburetor Parts

Carburetor replacement parts and components for Harley motorcycles. All CV Performance products are American made for your Harley CV carburetor. 

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  • Harley Davidson jetting mixture screw for CV carburetor
    $26.95 $18.95

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    EZ-Just Mixture Screw

    The original EZ-Just mixture screw for Harley CV carburetors adjusts the air idle mixture. Easily tune and adjust your idle mixture without burning your hands or fumbling with a screwdriver. CV Peformance has...
  • Harley Main Jet for CV carburetor
    $4.95 $4.25

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    Harley Main Jet

    Precision American made main jets for Harley CV and CVK carburetors. Sizes #170, 175, 180, 185, 190, 195, and 200.CVP jet quality exceeds OEM and imported carburetor jets.Note: Main jets supplied by CVP are sized...
  • Harley Pilot Jet for CV carburetor
    $4.99 $4.35

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    Harley Pilot Jet

    Precision American made pilot jets for Harley CV and CVK carburetors. Sizes #42, 44, 45, 46, 48, and 50.CVP jet quality exceed OEM and imported carburetor jets. SIZE Original Harley P/N Keihin...
  • Intermediate jets for S&S carburetors.
    $7.95 $4.75

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    S&S Intermediate Jet

    American made intermediate jets for S&S® Super E and G carburetors. We carry the most common sizes for your Harley: sizes # .025 - .040.These jets are American made by Cycle Pro and guaranteed to fit all...
  • Main jets for S&S carburetors.
    $6.95 $4.25

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    S&S Main Jet

    American made main jets for S&S® Super E and G carburetors. We carry the most common sizes for your Harley: sizes # .062 - .090. These jets are American made by Cycle Pro and guaranteed to fit all...
  • CVP Velocity Needle
    $17.95 $14.95

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    CVP Velocity Needle

    Designed to cure hesitation and deliver even throttle response, the CVP Velocity Needle is a direct replacement for stock Harley slide needles. CVP's custom needle outperforms factory needles while eliminating...
  • Harley N65C Needle - Sportster Needle
    $17.95 $14.95

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    CVP N65 Needle

    A direct replacement for the factory discontinued Harley N65C needle. The classic N65C needle was originally fitted to the first CV carburetor on 1988 Harley-Davidson Sportsters that lacked an accelerator pump, therefore...
  • CVP Velocity Emulsion Tube
    $19.95 $14.95

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    Harley Velocity Emulsion Tube

    CVP's exclusive Velocity Emulsion Tube is a direct replacement for the stock Harley CV carburetor emulsion jet holder. Specially designed to provide a fine vortex pattern atomized mist for an optimal air/fuel mixture without...
  • High flow 5/16 fuel hose
    $7.25 $5.95

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    High Flow Fuel Hose

    5/16 Fuel line for use with high flow inlets and fuel valves.  5/16" I.D. x 9/16" O.D. Black neoprene line is reinforced with a high strength rayon mesh Resists fuel, oil and grease Maximum PSI of 200 with a burst...
  • CV carburetor manifold boot seal.
    $12.95 $8.95

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    Premium CV Carburetor Manifold Seal

    CVP's exclusive Premium Intake Manifold Boot Seal for Harley CV carburetors. Finally a manifold boot seal that seals correctly! Improved fit for a positive seal on all Harley models using slip fit (spigot) CV carburetors...
  • CVP Mxiture Screw Packing
    $12.95 $8.95

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    CVP Mixture Screw Packing

    Replacement packing for use with the EZ-Just mixture screw or stock mixture screw. Includes the Viton® o-ring, washer, and spring that can be lost when removing the original mixture screw. These repack parts are a CVP...
  • CVP Fuel Max Inlet Elbow
    $26.95 $18.95

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    Harley Fuel Inlet Elbow

    The CVP Fuel Max Inlet Elbow replaces the stock fuel inlet on Harley CV, CVK40, and Harley Keihin butterfly carburetors. Increases flow by up to 40% when used with 5/16" fuel line. Single piece brass design will not break or...
  • Harley high-flow fuel valve.
    $72.95 $59.95

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    Harley High-Flow Fuel Valve

    High flow fuel valves for Harley models. Chrome fuel valve with 5/16" barbed hose fitting for maximum fuel flow and high performance. Features 180° Swivel Spigot to fit almost any stock or custom Harley model...
  • CVP Idle Speed Screw
    $26.95 $17.95

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    Harley Idle Speed Screw

    CVP's stainless steel idle speed screw for Harley CV and Keihin butterfly carburetors. Special through // - Only 17.95 Now adjust your idle speed by hand without the need for a screwdriver. High quality single piece...
  • CV Carburetor chrome cover
    $19.95 $16.95

    Chrome CV Carburetor Cover

    Chrome plated CV Carburetor top cover with chrome mounting screws. Fits Big Twin 1990/Later & Sportster 1988/LaterReplaces HD# 27040-88 & 27129-88 Imported by...
  • CVP Slide Spring
    $8.95 $7.95

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    CVP Slide Spring

    CVP performance slide spring for Harley CV carburetors. Special tension design provides improved throttle response while eliminating "slide bounce" encountered with cut or shortened race model springs...
  • CVP Choke Bracket
    $26.95 $17.95

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    Harley Choke Bracket

    The all new CVP Choke Bracket. Now made from stainless steel, our choke bracket moves the choke knob conveniently to the top of the carburetor for that custom look. Made from durable polished stainless steel and includes all...
  • CVP V-Ductor
    $79.95 $52.95

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    CVP V-Ductor

    The V-Ductor is the velocity stack that fits under your air cleaner. By funneling air through the unique and proven venturi design, the V-Ductor reduces turbulence while increasing velocity for optimal fuel mixture. Unlike...
  • Accelerator Pump Diaphragm Kit
    $15.95 $8.95

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    Premium Accelerator Pump Diaphragm

    CVP's exclusive Premium Accelerator Pump Diaphragm replaces worn or cracked diaphragms on Harley CV and Harley Keihin butterfly carburetors. Greater resistance to mild fuel additive exposure commonly found in pump gas in...
  • CVP Needle Jet
    $17.95 $12.95

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    CVP Needle Jet

    The CVP Needle Jet is a direct replacement for stock Harley needle jet (nozzle) found on all CV40 carburetors. CNC machined from stainless steel and is a perfect replacement for jet nozzles worn from aftermarket adjustable...
  • Harley Vacuum Slide
    $46.95 $42.95

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    Harley Vacuum Slide

    Complete vacuum slide assembly for Harley CV carburetors. Replaces original p/n #27585-88. Slide replacement is recommended if the diaphragm becomes pinched or torn, or if the vacuum port hole has been drilled 1/8" or...
  • Deluxe CV carburetor rebuild kit
    $21.95 $17.95

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    Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Harley CV Carburetor

    Rebuild kit for Harley CV style carburetors from Cycle Pro. Replaces OEM kit 27006-88 for use with all 1990-2006 Harley Big Twin or 1989-2006 XL models using the CV carburetor only. Kits include gaskets, o-rings, accelerator...
  • Harley Float Valve 27886-78A
    $19.95 $9.95

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    Float Fuel Valve

    Float fuel valve w/clip for 1990-2006 Harley CV carburetors. Replacement for OEM p/n 27886-78A. Worn float valves are the most common cause of bowl overflows and engine flooding. Note: This item is OEM and therefore...
  • Stainless steel hardware kit for Harley CV carburetor float bowl.
    $7.95 $5.25

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    Stainless steel float bowl hardware

    Replacement screw kit for the float bowl screws found on Harley CV carburetors. Stock factory screws commonly strip after removal. These quality screws will stand up to repeated removal and all weather conditions. Includes...
  • Keihin Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Harley 76-87
    $23.95 $19.95

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    Keihin Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Harley 76-87

    Rebuild kit for early Harley Butterfly style carburetors. Replaces OEM kit 27006-92T for use with all 1976-1989 Harley Big Twin or 1976-1987 XL models using the Keihin butterfly carburetor only. Kits include gaskets,...
  • Mikuni HSR 42 45 Rebuild Kit
    $39.95 $27.95

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    Rebuild Kit for Mikuni HSR 42/45

    Complete rebuild kit for Mikuni HSR 42 and 45 carburetors.  Included in kit:(1) Push in needle and seat with o-ring(1) O-ring(1) Gasket(6) O-rings(1) Flat O-ring(1) Rubber boot(1) E-clip(1) Plastic washer(4) #8-32 x...
  • Accelerator Pump Nozzle
    $21.95 $16.95

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    Accelerator Pump Nozzle

    CVP's low profile accelerator pump pedestal nozzle for CV carburetors promotes a more laminar flow in the carburetor inlet reducing turbulence and providing a spray directed into the lower center of the venturi below the...
  • Air Cleaner Gasket Touring 08+
    $10.95 $4.95

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    Air Cleaner Gasket Touring 08+

    Air cleaner backing gasket for 2008-present Harley touring models. Replaces Harley p/n 29241-08. For use with stock and aftermarket air cleaner assemblies. Sold individually...
  • Harley Mixture Screw Spring
    $9.95 $8.95

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    Mixture Screw Spring 5-Pack

    Replacement stainless steel spring for use with the mixture screw on Keihin and Harley carburetors. Custom spring for use on any Harley or Keihin mixture screw. Sold in packs of 5. Fitment: Harley CV40, Harley...
  • Mxiture Screw O-Ring 10-Pack
    $16.95 $12.95

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    Mixture Screw VitonĀ® O-Ring 10-Pack

    Replacement o-ring for use with mixture screws on Keihin and Harley carburetors. These are Viton® o-rings resistant to fuel additive damage and are sold in packs of 10. For single use the Viton o-ring can also be found...

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