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Brake Pads

Hawk brake pads for your Harley


Brake pads for your Harley from Hawk Performance and V-Factor

  • Hawk Performance brake pads are a premium pad available in either Sintered Metalic
    or Non-Asbestos Organic.

  • V-Factor brake pads from MID-USA, are a high grade Kevlar/metallic pad, economical, and an excellent OE replacement. Super stopping power. Clean, quite and easy on rotors.

When installing new brake pads be sure to bed-in as described in this video.

*U.S. shipping only on all brake pads. Not eligible for free shipping, minimal shipping charge applies.

Select your Harley model below to see available brake pads.

  Hawk Sintered Brake Pads

Hawk Performance Sintered Metallic disc brake pads offer world-class braking performance for sport and heavy motorcycles. This product line combines the quality and fitment of Original Equipment with unsurpassed stopping power and quiet braking performance. In wet or dry braking conditions nothing beats Hawk's Sintered Metallic performance.

• Superior stopping power
• HH+ rated friction material, highest in the industry
• Smooth, progressive engagement
• Extremely quiet
• fade-free performance
• Virtually dust free
• Lowest pad wear in the market
• Improved rotor life
  Hawk Organic Brake Pads


Hawk Performance N-A Organic (Non-Asbestos Organic) disc brake pads offer "best in class" performance when compared to other leading aftermarket Organic pads. Silent stops and progressive brake modulation characteristics maximize rider comfort and control. Ideal for bikes with polished or chrome rotors, but very effective on standard steel rotors.

• Excellent stopping power
• GG rated friction matEriaL
• Smooth, linear engagement
• Noise-free performance
• Exceptional thermal stability
• Extremely gentle on rotors
• Extended pad life
• Low dust

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