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Harley carburetor accessories.

  • Harley high-flow fuel valve.
    $72.95 $59.95

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    Harley High-Flow Fuel Valve

    High flow fuel valves for Harley models. Chrome fuel valve with 5/16" barbed hose fitting for maximum fuel flow and high performance. Features 180° Swivel Spigot to fit almost any stock or custom Harley model...
  • CVP Idle Speed Screw
    $26.95 $17.95

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    Harley Idle Speed Screw

    CVP's stainless steel idle speed screw for Harley CV and Keihin butterfly carburetors. Special through // - Only 17.95 Now adjust your idle speed by hand without the need for a screwdriver. High quality single piece...
  • CV Carburetor chrome cover
    $19.95 $16.95

    Chrome CV Carburetor Cover

    Chrome plated CV Carburetor top cover with chrome mounting screws. Fits Big Twin 1990/Later & Sportster 1988/LaterReplaces HD# 27040-88 & 27129-88 Imported by...
  • CVP Choke Bracket
    $26.95 $17.95

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    Harley Choke Bracket

    The all new CVP Choke Bracket. Now made from stainless steel, our choke bracket moves the choke knob conveniently to the top of the carburetor for that custom look. Made from durable polished stainless steel and includes all...
  • Stainless steel hardware kit for Harley CV carburetor float bowl.
    $7.95 $5.25

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    Stainless steel float bowl hardware

    Replacement screw kit for the float bowl screws found on Harley CV carburetors. Stock factory screws commonly strip after removal. These quality screws will stand up to repeated removal and all weather conditions. Includes...

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